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For more than 30 years, Clean Air Consultants has been designing and manufacturing Filter 1 industrial air filtration systems. As a custom dust collector manufacturer, Clean Air Consultants is an engineering-intensive company. All our dust collection systems are designed by Professional Engineers, who are also happy to answer questions about industrial dust collection needs and equipment. We are a Garland, Texas based company, but our Filter 1 products are available through a network of full-service air cleaning specialists across the United States and Canada.

As an industrial air filtration company, Clean Air Consultants manufactures the Filter 1 brand of dust collectors, booths, downdraft tables, air cleaners, and wet type systems. Our engineers specialize in customizing products to meet all your industrial requirements. Through our manufacturing capability of Filter 1 products, Clean Air Consultants offers unparalleled custom design for special industrial needs, and leading expertise in the application of wet dust collection systems, as well as dust control booths and downdraft benches with re-gain air.


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