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When the business started, Kenna, a restaurant executive turned youth pastor and Janice, a stay-at-home mom turned administrative assistant to Kenna, had absolutely no idea what they were doing or getting themselves into. It all started with a dream of having a place where they could help other people.

McKENNA was the obvious choice and it was named for the Mc in Janice’s last name (McMenamy) and KENNA (his first name). Together, their company theMcKENNAgroup, LLC was formed in August of 2000.

The business started in the game room of Janice’s house. Quickly outgrowing that space, Coy, Janice’s husband, had a dream of building a castle. You really ought to some see what his masterpiece - The Castle at McKenna Place looks like -it’s amazing - and is still being added to as new ideas appear..

As it turned out, naming it “group” was very forward thinking since it was only the two of them for the first 12 years or so. More folks were gradually added to help as the business began to grow rapidly.

At your convenience, they would love to have you come by for a visit - you’ll get some down-home hospitality and you may even get a Dr Pepper and some of Janice’s famous homemade cookies!

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